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A New Science of Cerebrology®

Would you like to permanently enhance your brain and have the reactions, perceptions and self image you have hoped for, with a few easy exercises?

Have we ever wondered why after all the work we have done to grow, we could still have the same reactions and self-image we have always had?

The feelings we have about our self and our world are created instantly and automatically by a part of our brain that does not understand language and the foundation for it was formed before we became verbal.

The new science and system you are reading about, uses physical exercises to make non-verbal enhancements to our brain. This is a natural process that happens all the time as we develop any skill and rewrite the conditioning we have. As we learn to ride a bike, we rewrite the conditioning we first have about how we will get hurt and are apprehensive about falling. When we have a feeling of balance and comfort riding, we reward ourselves and rewrite the conditioning so that we now enjoy the bike and riding. We feel great about ourselves instead of frustrated and fearful. Rewriting conditioning is natural, we do it all the time. Cerebrology helps us rewrite conditioning so that we can have much more of the dreams we wanted come true. We can now be the author of our story, not just an actor.

Cerebrology exercises enable us to rewrite information that is used to create our self image. We are able to enhance the way we automatically prepare deep inside our brain, for the important things in life so we can have the presence, confidence and happiness we have wanted so we could have happiness.

The important part of the process of rewriting this conditioning, is that it is like opening a file in an office cabinet; if you want to adjust the contents, first you have to retrieve the file. But you can only make changes to a specific file when it is opened. We do trainings and workshops for individuals, businesses and groups. These exercises open files we have so that we can enhance self image, improve how we reward ourselves, allow ourselves to open up to our creativity and remove the reactions or inhibitions we have that prevent us from enjoying our life.

We can now automatically reward ourselves for the small things we do that we are proud of, not just reward ourselves when others admire us. We can stop the reaction of being jealous. We can look in the mirror and see our beauty or look and see our own beauty in the eyes of others, without having to alter our thoughts at all. This growth is a part of us, not something we have to remember.

The part of our brain we are working on is in control of the lens we use to instantly add value and meaning to everything we see. This is work on our brain not our subconscious or unconscious. The terms subconscious or unconscious, refer to a system of understanding our mind, that does not lend well to the way our brain actually works. What we do in Cerebrology, is more like learning to dance. Once we can dance and feel comfortable, we do not think about dancing we just enjoy the music and the person we are dancing with.

How we automatically and instantly prepare for things inside our brain alters how we experience ourselves, our life and every relationship we have. Now we can have a clarity of perception, that was previously not possible.

Just as if we were the Wizard of Oz, helping one of the wonderful characters that were much less themselves, we can now be our own Wizard of Oz. I identified with the characters in the Wizard of Oz when they instantly felt great after receiving a reward from the Wizard. I think we have all experienced being more ourselves as we got closer to a goal we had.

Sometimes what is preventing us from reaching our goals are inhibitions or fears. As we reach for our dreams, we can get stuck or become less ourselves as the characters did in the Wizard of Oz. The exercises in the workshops of Cerebrology are easy to do and will help us to have an instant and permanent enhancement, just as the Wizard of Oz gave the Scarecrow, the Tin man and the Cowardly Lion. Cerebrology exercises will give us what we need to overcome our fears and inhibitions so we can be more ourselves.

When we rewrite what we reward ourselves for, we can now reward ourselves for doing the things we have longed to do and automatically give ourselves the dopamine, nor-epinephrine, endorphins and enkephalins that will make us as focused, relaxed, strong, creative and connected as we want to be, we can be much more ourselves, authentic, alive, humorous and capable this way.

When we learned to float all we did was relax enough to expand our lungs fully. When we had the amount of air in our lungs necessary to become buoyant we floated, all we had to do was relax. After we experienced ourselves relaxing and floating one time, we rewrote all the previous conditioning of fear or inhibition we had. The fear and inhibition created a struggle for us. Now that we rewrote the conditioning, what we feared lifts and supports us and is a joy. Cerebrology uses this same principal, we have a new physical experience and we move on and enjoy life. Just as when we learned to float, we automatically have a better reality.

When we have a new outfit on, we automatically prepare for a better experience and we have a better experience, we do not have to think about it.

The same thing happens when we walk down the aisle to get married or afterward when we are on our honeymoon, we automatically have a much better experience. We believe the way our partner feels about us is real and we enjoy being loved with abandon.

We automatically prepare for all of our experiences based on this non-verbal feeling that is more like muscle memory than an idea and that is what creates the self image we have.

If we are automatically prepared for a better experience, we create one. How we experience ourselves alters us and everything we experience.

How we experience something actually changes the object. I change reality is about empowering us to improve our reality.

The exercises will open a door to a new experience of ourselves. We now have an objective experience of a better reality. This is what enlightenment is.

We can run from our nightmares or run towards our dreams. It doesn’t matter if we are asleep or awake, we create experiences that validate how we feel about ourselves, this is our theme and we live it.

Everything is illuminated from within, when we feel great we are able to open our heart and let our light out. Our light is what brings color to our life and we can draw so much more when we feel safe enough to open up.

Enlightenment is about having the clarity to experience and create a better reality.

For upcoming classes for certification in Cerebrology, please visit our Cerebrology.org website.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a trainer in Cerebrology, please write me Bob@Ichangereality.com