What Cerebrology® means to me.

I developed these exercises and this work because I wanted to have a way to grow. I tried many things and Cerebrology was what worked for me. Cerebrology gave me the ability to open my heart. I know how important having an open heart is to all of us, so I am sharing my work with you.

The Dali Lama said, “Eliminate the negative or dark forces from our emotions and there is enlightenment.”

When I first got an understanding that there were things I was creating with my energy or intention, that were negative, I realized it may be from my insecurities. I underwent counseling for a few years and was still the same. I began to read more and more on the subject of the mind and emotions in order to have an understanding of what I could do to grow.

Many people offer self help books. I read quite a few of them.  I read You Can Heal Your Life not long after it was published. Louise Hay’s book was wonderful and  groundbreaking. I remember seeing Louise in West Hollywood and talking to her, she was a wonderful lady. I told her I valued her work and Louise said, “Many people love my book and have told me they have been helped by it. I had to publish it myself, I don’t know why.” I told her I didn’t see why it would not be something that publishers wanted.” Louise said, “Maybe it frightened them because it was so different.”

After reading A Course in Miracles, I attended a lecture by Maryanne Williamson and I later met her at the Center for Life. The Center for Life, a house that was built by Maryanne, was a meeting place for people interested in A Course in Miracles, healing, N.L.P and spiritual growth. I took classes in N.L.P there and learned a great deal about it.

I saw how many people were going wild for N.L.P and how much it was influencing everything from self-help, E.S.T. to positive affirmations, guided meditations, hypnosis, subconscious programming, self talk, subliminal programming, motivational seminars, even people fire walking from N.L.P.

Although I had great success working with others that had stress, in my initial work using Cerebrology, I had not yet tried to use Cerebrology for other things. I had not yet tried Cerebrology exercises to remove the reactions I had that were a shadow on my life.

I decided that while I had the opportunity, I would learn all I could about N.L.P and make the most of it by growing myself.

I was doing grief counseling for some terminally ill, at the Center for Life. The counseling I did was not N.L.P, I was just caring for people that could use some love. Counselors were provided for us as well. The counseling was available to help us with the overwhelming sadness we felt after one person after another person we cared for and loved died.

I was doing a lot of N.L.P. on myself, I really wanted to grow and become a better person. I was with a friend that passed and doing positive thought was not enough, I was too sad.

I went to get some counseling and to my amazement, I was not able to cry in counseling. I kept trying to release my feelings but I realized I was so practiced at “thought control” I was not able to be in touch with my real feelings.

I created a disconnect between who I was and my thoughts. I was hoping I could stop having bad reactions just thinking great thoughts all the time. My attempt to control my self by controlling my thoughts, was only helping me to dissociate.

I read Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller and I was shocked when I realized I was just being a narcissist, I was just looking at the image I wanted to see and was not interested in looking at anything else. I was not authentic or real being this way.

I was not becoming “who I was” something I thought was essential for the characters in the Wizard of Oz to grow. I was not revealing my good and bad and working to grow.

I was thinking about my thoughts before I said them, I wanted my thoughts to be great.

Of all the things I feel I “know” or “understand”, I feel that what comes from my heart is essential. We all know that. Love is a feeling not an idea. Giving love is an experience of feelings. Saying wonderful things is not what I wanted, I wanted to improve my reality. I wanted to learn how to “create” my life and I was determined to learn.

I was ready to take responsibility for my intention and what it created.

I wanted to be able to love, create beauty, experience my life as a joy and not have reactions that altered my perceptions and gave me feelings about myself or others that made a mess.

I could think wonderful thoughts, do self talk and positive affirmations, go out and worry that I was overweight. I was not overweight when I had these thoughts, I had abs. I was onstage recently at the Santa Monica Civic, getting two standing ovations for my physique at the Mr. L.A. contest. I was ripped, why did I feel fat?

I am sure N.L.P. works well for many people. It did not help me grow to remove my crap.

I could see there were times I would still have reactions that created shadows that covered my light, it was something that I had to look at. I knew I would have to work on my heart to grow.

I thought about the exercises I developed before I learned about N.L.P. I remembered the exercises I developed were always about being in touch with what was happening in my heart and body. I remembered the exercises enhancing the reactions and perceptions I had. I went back to doing the exercises that helped me grow before I learned N.L.P.

Much like learning to float gave me a new way of reacting to being in the water and a better perception of the water, the exercises of Cerebrology were allowing me to let go of my jealousy, my insecurities, improve my body image and other important things. My perceptions and experiences were becoming wonderful.

Cerebrology exercises were done one time. After I did an exercise and rewrote some old non-verbal programming or conditioning, I was able to enjoy things and experience them with clarity. I did an exercise and stopped being jealous. Being jealous was a real nightmare for me, it did not allow me to have the relationship I wanted to have. When I rewrote the conditioning that created my jealousy, I was able to enjoy my experience and not sabotage what I loved.

I did not have to think about my thoughts at all, I could just be myself and open my heart. I realized I was putting colored lenses on before when I was just adding some good feeling. It was good to have good feelings but it was great to have clarity because when how I saw myself improved, I realized everything I looked at was a reflection of how I felt about me.

I continued doing the work that would become Cerebrology. I was growing and feeling wonderful. I had all my feelings but I was eliminating the bad reactions that make me moody, ineffective or defensive and replacing them with a perception and experience of myself and others that gave me the star of my show.

I studied everything I could about neurology and what controlled our reactions and perceptions and I realized I was re-writing the non-verbal code of the operating system that was making decisions for us.

When other people I knew asked to try my exercises, I had a good time watching them grow too. I realized how valuable what I was doing was. Cerebrology has been working for over fifteen years. I am sharing understandings that took a life time to learn.

Cerebrology is not available because I see people with problems. I only see people that are on the road to enlightenment, the ones that have decided to take responsibility for their energy.

I offer workshops to empaths, intuitives, healers, lovers, creators and others that want to let go and find out what is possible.

The most revealed truth, or essence of understanding happens for us during a workshop. There are no ideas or thoughts that can come close to the experience you will have.

If you are reading this, I know you are on the path to enlightenment.

The first two exercises we use rewrite the conditioning that inhibits us from being able to see our beauty in the eyes of others.

The video is showing the last exercise, getting up and seeing our beauty and the love others have for us, in their eyes. Feeling beautiful is about much more than our appearance, it can be about removing shame, removing inhibitions, removing conditioning or fear and most importantly, it is about seeing ourselves clearly.

My love to you.


If you are reading this, I know you are on this path too.


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