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Posts about the research and science behind rewriting our brains to achieve our best selves.

What instantly and automatically give us our self image, no matter what we are thinking about?

How do we create our self image?

What does the term “affect” mean?

Our brain uses a language called “affect”, a non-verbal language, to create our self image. This is similar to what happens in the background of our computer.

Each operating system a computer uses whether the operating system is Windows, Linux, Android or OS X Lion for Apple, has a language that tells it “what to do”.

It is not possible to fix or change the operating system of our brain, if we do not understand the language or code it uses and speak to it using that language.

Our operating system learned most of its information, before we became verbal. The language our operating system uses is, non-verbal and is called affect.

The operating system in our brain uses affect to alter the lens we use to give us our perceptions.

Try this….next time you go to look in the mirror, stop before you do. Feel how your body feels inside, take a few deep breathes and relax all over. If you feel much more relaxed, your “affect” added some apprehension to the way you felt before you saw your reflection. If we felt apprehensive, our affect altered our lens so we could not see our image with clarity.

The added apprehension adds something to what we see when we look in the mirror. The feeling it gives us does not make us look and see ourselves as beautiful.

Before you look at yourself, change the “affect.”

Think of yourself and how you felt the last time you had a new outfit on, or think of how you felt on your honeymoon. Feel how beautiful you felt in your body and let the idea go. Now open your eyes and see how beautiful you are.

“Affect” instantly and automatically changes our perceptions. This website is all about rewriting “affect”. This creates a permanent improvement in our self image.

You are in the right place. I am not aware of anything else that rewrites affect, at this time. You are welcome to enjoy all of the free exercises to improve our affect.

How do I feel about my appearance?

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I feel beautiful automatically all the time….(I don’t need a new outfit!)

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What is different about Drive-thru enlighenment?

We can rewrite memory, so how does that help us to be authentic and enlightened automatically all the time?

The research that has been done that gives us reason to believe we can rewrite memory, was research done to rewrite conditioning in animals. The research unconditioned animals.

How we are able to rewrite memory is that each time a memory is reviewed, we actually are rerecording the memory. Each time we bring up a memory, it stops being a memory and exists as information we are currently using.

When we are playing the memory, it is possible to edit it and then rerecord it. Each time we retrieve a memory we edit it somewhat.

The way animals were unconditioned was to use a drug, so that they did not feel anything that automatically prepared them.

For sake of ease of discussion let us say that whatever memory the animal had of the situation they were conditioned in, made them feel tense or anxious in their body and normally that was rerecorded each time.

Now the animals were given a drug that made them unable to rerecord the feeling of being tense or anxious in that same situation. They were unable to feel tense or anxious so the memory of the situation was now rerecorded without those feelings.

The next time the memory of the situation came up, they did not act tense or anxious.

In Europe they have been testing various drugs on humans to help them to stop having bad feelings associated with memories. The scientists doing this research believe these bad memories are the cause of emotional problems that the subjects taking the test report.

When subjects had a drug given to them to eliminate the feeling associated with the memory, the memory seems to disappear as well.

Losing memories and not having significant improvement in the emotional health and well being have made the progress of these drug tests slower than hoped for.

I personally feel the tests on animals were worthwhile in showing that we can rewrite conditioning. The animals did not need to recall their past to become unconditioned.

There are many chemicals we naturally create inside ourselves, that feel wonderful, relieve anxiety, make us feel beautiful and would easily give us the ability to rewrite the old tapes we have that condition us.

Rewriting something that prepares us so that we have a better feeling about ourselves, is something that happens naturally all the time. We rewrote the way we prepared ourselves and perceived what our relationship with the water was about, when we learned how to float.

The part of the brain that gets conditioned and unconditioned, is the same in animals and humans, it is the area we are going to do our exercises on. This part of of our brain is non-verbal.

The part of our brain we are discussing, for sake of ease of understanding let us call it our operating system…our operating system receives sensory information before our conscious mind.

When we walk thru the woods and jump, we may not know why but we automatically look back and we see it is perhaps a hose or a snake…we can then decide. Our operating system prepared us, because it receives input before we actually see the object in our mind.

We are prepared and ready for things before we could possibly think about them.

There are many pathways of information from our operating system to our verbal mind. There are many less pathways of information from our verbal mind to our operating system.

The information from our operating system is like the sound of an eight lane freeway and the information from our verbal mind is like a small road. The freeway sound overpowers the road and our thoughts are dominated by what is loudest.

We automatically and instantly prepare because of old tapes, if we want to be the authentic version of ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally, feel beautiful, lovable, present and enlightened, it is easy when we know how to rewrite the old tapes.

Our operating system is the part of our brain that is the lens we use to give us the value and meaning we attach to the objects we see. Without this added value, we would not have a feeling about anything we looked at.

The way we perceive ourselves, feel about ourselves or even imagine others view us, is something our operating system instantly and automatically gives us.

The way we see ourselves and feel about ourselves alters the way we feel about others as well.

If what prepares us for what is going to happen in a relationship, tells us we are vulnerable, incapable, ineffectual, or unattractive, it will have an effect on how we are able to experience ourselves and others.

The way we experience ourselves in a relationship changes our relationship.

The experiences we will enjoy, will improve when the way we experience ourselves does.

When we rewrite the erroneous information we have in our operating system, that is similar to the conditioning the animal had before it’s “memory” was rewritten…we will possess the clarity to have a better experience in all relationships.

The experiences we have reinforce the information we have on these old tapes.

If anyone would like to rewrite what may prevent them from automatically feeling unconditional love for themselves, or what prevents them from being the authentic version of who they are….anyone is welcome to enjoy the exercises on this website or contact me for more information.

What is different about Drive-thru enlightenment? …it”s easier to do than other stuff.

Would you like to have control of your reactions?

Becoming enlightened takes more than having good thoughts or feelings.

When we work on our brain, we can grow and permanently improve something about ourselves, whether it is to feel safe, feel beautiful or become enlightened, we want the change to be real.

When we are able to feel what we wanted automatically, we know we have grown. 

I am introducing something called Cerebrology. It is a new science about our brain.

Cerebrology uses natural non-verbal techniques to enhance the way we prepare automatically. Our reactions, emotions and perceptions are all just automatic preparations done in the non-verbal part of our brain.

When we enhance the information we have that instantly and automatically prepare us, we can permanently improve many things and become more “ourselves”.

One of the things Cerebrology can improve for us, is the reaction of jealousy. We can permanently remove jealousy because it is a reaction and not a conscious thought.

This simple five minute exercise will rewrite the affect that creates the automatic feeling of jealousy.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Love heals

The greatest thing, you will ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.

Most of us are looking for an opportunity to have a feeling of oneness in a relationship.

The incredible feeling of oneness is something we shared with our parents before we were verbal.

When we were very young, we had empathy for our parents. We understood how they felt about themselves in relation to other people.

We imitated the way our parents felt and how they prepared for things and as it became a part of us, it was our “affect” now, not just our parents. Animals learn this the same way.

When we are in love and feel a oneness with another person once again, we have an opportunity to find clarity and resolution.

We can use the chemistry that our love creates within us to rewrite any erroneous affect we got from our parents.

When we are with a person we want to feel this oneness with, we release neurotransmitters, dopamine and nor epinephrine. These give us a feeling of excitement and heightened perception.

The more we are together with the person we feel one with, the more we release endorphins and enkephalins, these powerful natural narcotics give us a sense of comfort, safety and well being.

The feeling of oneness we have may come from the neurotransmitter serotonin. The important thing for us is that these give us the opportunity to rewrite things very easily.

We have the opportunity to re-write many things that we keep looking to resolve. Love is a powerful healing tool when we consciously use it to bring us enlightenment.

As we slip into this feeling of oneness, we can easily resolve our issues.

When we rewrite the old information, we are free to have wonderful feelings about ourselves all the time.

How we feel about ourselves alters how everyone else will feel about us, automatically.



How are we able to rewrite affect, is it like a memory?

In experiments rats were first conditioned by getting a shock after hearing a horn.

Then just the horn sound was made without a shock and the rats continued to panic, a sign they had become conditioned.

The rats were unconditioned by using a drug that made them feel no emotion or fear. The sound of the horn was played when they were drugged and there was no reaction.

After the drug wore off the horn was again sounded and there was again no reaction from the rats.

What prepares us to react is a memory of a feeling. This memory is something like a file we open when we need information about a situation.

The memory is a solid thing like concrete before we access it.

As we review the file of the memory, it is no longer a “cement like physical thing” because it is being used, it is not a “memory” but rather a current item we are playing in our mind.

Because the “memory” is now a  current event of thought,  it is open to being rewritten or rerecorded with whatever new information we want to add to it.

When we are done thinking about the rerecording or what we edited after reviewing, it again becomes a solid object in the brain as it is being stored.

We edit memory each time we visit it.


There are many types of touch. Please be careful to match the type of touch to the healing that is desired.

Recognizing what prepares me so I am not feeling comfortable or beautiful with a loving touch.

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Rewriting what prepares me, so I am comfortable, feel beautiful and happy when I receive a loving touch.

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Self Help

Einstein said, to have a solution to a problem, we have to have a different mind than the one that created the problem.

If we could bring clarity to the automatic part of our mind, we would create a “new mind”. This new mind would improve how we experienced everything. Our perceptions, feelings, emotions and preparations are all automatic and now they provide us with experiences to validate the clarity we have deep inside.

As we add clarity to the automatic part of us, we instantly prepare for a new way of experiencing ourselves and life. How we experience ourselves and life, will change what we experience.

When we remove the curtains and open the blinds, we can find what we have been looking for. We are not adding thoughts, ideas or conditioning that would make us less ourselves. This is something totally new. Here we are able to remove erroneous affect and conditioning that inhibited us, made us anxious, approval seeking, fearful and depressed.

Now we can see who we really are. Being our true selves allows us to naturally be confident, strong and creative. We are spontaneous and funny not phony. This type of clarity allows us to illuminate much more…enlightenment is just an extension of this.

It may be easy to see the difference between the feral cat outside and the one happily curled up in our lap. They both have a very different experience of their lives because of the affect they learned from their parents. How does affect actually effect us? How does it alter our experience?

Affect is really just a term for the process of having empathy for our parents feelings and after feeling them in our own body, we emulate those same feelings and as we do they become our own.

Our brain will prepare us for a particular relationship or situation, using the non-verbal information it has about what our role is in a relationship and what it should prepare us for. Our brains automatic preparation creates our reactions and adds value and meaning to what we see, this is how perceptions are created.

We do not need to “overcome limiting beliefs” to have clarity, our brain is not controlled by beliefs or words. Beliefs are a way of expressing how we feel, not a way of creating changes in how we feel about ourselves. If the way our automatic brain or “operating system” feels about us in a relationship is positive, we will be relaxed, present, alive, energized and whole automatically.

If we have a good relationship with the water because we can float, we are automatically relaxed and excited when we see the water.  We are able to breathe deeply and expand our lungs, experience ourselves as being lifted by the water and have a great time. We will also have a wonderful experience of everyone around us.

Being relaxed enough to be in the present is the same, when we rewrite or remove an erroneous self image, body image, a feeling of shame or discomfort in a situation, so we feel confident, we are able to feel relaxed and excited automatically all the time. The simple exercise to remove and rewrite the erroneous information is a natural process will improve how we  feel about ourselves and this will allow us to experience things that are only possible when we feel the way we should.

How we feel about our safety, appearance, creativity, lovability, well being, character, how we are heard, desired, how much reward we deserve and more, all alter the way we prepare and because of that, they alter the experiences we have.

Enlightenment is not just about being relaxed. Enlightenment is about having clear perceptions. Perceptions that allow us to experience better experiences.

The way we feel about ourselves is instant and automatic. We create our theme and story, before we consciously think about it. Just as in our dreams, the feelings we have deep inside about our self, alter what we see visually.

That is why we are here. Our perceptions, reactions, emotions, feelings, energy, presence, vitality, creativity, warmth, openness, bliss and laughter all are automatic. These form the foundation of who we are and the essence of what others may describe as our soul. Who we are is how we experience our life.

As we rewrite erroneous information, we essentially remove illusions about ourselves that prepared us for something bad. As we remove the illusions, we have a clarity that gives us a new and better life. When we have clarity in this way, how we perceive things allows us to have a better experience.

Enlightenment is just a state of clarity that allows us to perceive and enjoy much more, effortlessly.



Change Reality

We change our reality or experience when we alter how we may experience something. How we experience things is controlled automatically. We can improve this now.

Have you ever found a new outfit you felt wonderful in? We go out in the new outfit and have a wonderful time. The experience is objectively better. Wearing a new outfit will change what we experience because the way we experience ourselves is better.

How we experience ourselves when we are on our honeymoon is improved as well. When we allow ourselves to, “how” we experience ourselves can improve our ability to create a better experience.

What we expect to happen alters the way we automatically prepare, this preparation changes “how” we experience. The result of altering how we experience is we have a different experience.

If we are prepared to find people looking at us because we are beautiful, we will see that in everyone’s eyes and we will change our experience.

If we prepare to have our love see us as their dream lover, we will see that in their eyes and we will change our experience.

A person that feels self conscious about their appearance, automatically prepares themselves for the experience of people seeing them as unattractive, without thinking. The ability to perceive that someone is attracted to them, is missing. The option of the experience of feeling attractive to someone else is not something they prepare for, so how they experience themselves is reflected in their experience as well, they do not look to see people smiling at them.

People that are not looking for a smile are altering their experience.

In particle physics Anton Zeilinger has shown, that when individual photons are shot towards two slits or openings, what happens depends on how we are able to experience the event.

If we do not photograph the photons after coming thru two slits in some object, the photons form a pattern behind the two slits they go thru and appear on a register behind the slits, in the same manner waves of light would appear. They are in a broad pattern resembling a spectrum of light. The photons are “waving” at us.

If we do photograph the photons after coming thru two slits in some object, the photons form a pattern behind the two slits they go thru and appear on a register behind the slits, in the same manner particles of light would appear. They are only in a two slit pattern. The photons “change” because we are prepared to experience them  “smiling” at us, because we are prepared to have a different experience, we alter the experience or “change reality”.

How we are able to experience something, what we are prepared to be able to experience, will give us alternate experiences.

What holds true in particle physics, holds true for us in our lives.

How we prepared to experience an event will give us an alternate experience.

People that are looking for a smile are receiving smiles in this way they too are altering their experience.

Looking for a smile gives someone the option of having a smile, people are not smiling at buildings they smile at people looking for a smile. Just as in particle physics, what we are prepared to experience, alters the way we may experience someone or something and changes the options of experience we have. A person that feels beautiful, gives others the option of smiling at them because they are looking for it and when they see a smile, they imagine the other person smiled because they are beautiful.




Enlightenment and the Brain

I remember reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, in high school. I wondered at the time if Ken Kesey was thinking that he made Randal P. Mc Murphy Christ like? McMurphy seemed to be a type of messiah to me. McMurphy wanted people that were unconscious to wake up and thirst for life. The subsequent destruction of McMurphy from lobotomy by the hands of the unconscious psychiatrists, gave me a renewed appreciation of the rare and wonderful opportunity we have to really be alive. When Chief Bromden saw what happened to McMurphy and threw the marble water base thru the window to escape, I realized I wanted to break out and feel more alive as well.

I knew the gift of being alive was precious and that there were people that were robbing us of our aliveness. I remember thinking at the time that I hoped the consciousness raising dreams we had in the 60’s and 70’s would amount to something, I hoped there would be less cruelty, more caring and I also hoped there would be a definitive way for everyone to do something to have more clarity and become more alive. There were lots of things that could hit us and knock us down, and very few things that did much at all to help us become more alive, more ourselves, or enlightened. Lobotomy was something very common at the time. One man stood against this wrong and has never been given thanks, his name is Dr. Robert Grimm. Dr. Grimm “changed reality” when he wrote and made a bill into law in the 1960’s, that made lobotomy illegal in Oregon. It was the first law of its kind and this made it possible for others to do the same in other states as well.

How Dr. Grimm Inspired This Project

I met Dr. Grimm and asked his advice about the work I was doing, he was essential in helping me create a website that would give people more clarity, aliveness and enlightenment, a reality. Dr. Robert Grimm inspired me by telling me how important what I was doing was, he told me that helping people become themselves again was wonderful, he wanted me to make the work focus on enlightenment, because it was better for people to reach towards improvement than to focus on problems. Dr. Grimm told me to make it understandable and available to everyone.

Dr. Grimm is someone I look up to and admire because he is the most loving and gentle man and yet he fought to make the world a better place. When I spoke to Dr. Grimm, he told me he felt that both lobotomies and electro-shock therapy were being used to make the jobs of people working in mental health easier, not for the best interest of the patient. He said it was only natural that someone would say they felt better after being tortured, so they would not have to endure the experience again. Dr. Grimm is someone I personally admire as a man of intellect, compassion and courage. He is the most gentle person and yet he fought a courageous battle to make the lives of everyone better. Freedom of thought and emotion is something we all benefited from because of Dr. Grimm. Our culture is not just shaped by how we treat the privileged but by how we treat those that are suffering. Dr. Grimm told me he felt it was less than human to remove the personality of a person by doing damage to them. “We are complex beings and we sometimes require time, understanding and compassion to heal.” Dr. Grimm told me that when discussing lobotomies with people that used them, he asked them if they were a specific treatment for something? He said he would tell the person doing lobotomies, with as much care and love he could, that removing a persons personality in order to remove their problem, could not be a specific treatment for anything. Dr Grimm said, “We all start wanting to make a difference and help, a human being’s mind is complex, helping them requires work and patience. To heal someone we must first have empathy, it may be hard or frustrating but most of all we have to remember not to do harm.”

Dr. Robert Grimm has had many wonderful accomplishments during his life. Dr. Grimm did research on how vehicular accidents were doing soft tissue damage to a person’s inner ear. The inner ear damage, sometimes made a person use their eyes and thinking mind to keep their balance. This made a person have difficulty thinking as clearly after an accident.

Dr. Grimm was afflicted with Polio from a very young age. He told me he thought one of his best tools was the scooter he needed to use. “I see people that have suffered a great deal, in my practice. I am able to feel compassion and work to help them but I think my disability has given them hope, that they may also have productive lives after what has happened to them.” Dr. Grimm is a humble man, he is a genius, a family man, a healer, a bird lover and a true hero.

Recently Dr. Grimm partially retired. One day when I was at his home discussing my work, I told Dr. Grimm how much his input and caring meant to the work. I told Dr. Grimm I felt that without him the work would not be possible. I asked him if it would be alright if I gave him credit for the work as well. Dr. Grimm was very excited and said he was honored. I came to him when the website was almost finished and made a video of him talking about ending lobotomies. Dr. Grimm said he would love to look at how I presented the work on the website and added he would only accept credit if he could see how he could be helpful by perhaps writing something on the website. That day his computer was working very slowly. Dr. Grimm said he would be glad to look at the website later and he went on to say how much it meant to him. I was so moved to have him want to share in this. I called Dr. Grimm the next afternoon to see if I could bring by some bird feeders I picked up for him, he said he was leaving in the morning to go to Eastern Washington, bird watching, I told him I would make sure he would be able to see what the website looked like when he got back. My friend and mentor, the man I have admired most in my life, Dr. Robert Grimm, passed on the trip.

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Grimm for making the ichangereality site possible. Dr. Robert Grimm fought to lift life’s height to a finer fire.

Five-Minute Excersizes to increase Clarity and Remove Negative Conditioning

The exercises are five minutes long and each one will help us to first recognize an erroneous affect that automatically alters the way we prepare for something, in a way that would give us a bad experience. The next step is a five minute exercise to rewrite the affect or conditioning that is erroneous for us. The exercises that rewrite affect and conditioning work on the non-verbal part of our mind, our limbic system or what I call our “operating system” because it prepares us automatically and gives value and meaning to our perceptions. This work is something entirely new, fresh and original and it gives us clarity, it does not add anything. The work will make us more ourselves, not like someone else.

Dr. Robert Grimm—and all of you that fight for our freedom—thank you.

Bob Milstein