What is the concept behind the exercises?

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The Concept of the Exercises

We can rewrite memory

The research that has been done that gives us reason to believe we can rewrite memory, was research done to rewrite conditioning in animals. The research unconditioned animals.

The part of the brain that gets conditioned and unconditioned, is the same in animals and humans, it is the area we are going to do our exercises on. This part of of our brain is non-verbal.

The part of our brain we are discussing, for sake of ease of understanding let us call it our operating system…our operating system receives sensory information before our conscious mind.

Because our operating system sees things before our conscious mind, our operating system prepares us for what we are about to see before we consciously see it.

We should also understand our operating system is the part of our brain that is the lens we use to give us the value and meaning we attach to the objects we see. Without this added value, we would not have a feeling about anything we looked at.

The way we feel about ourselves as well as the way we perceive ourselves or even imagine other view us, is a value this part of our brain instantly and automatically gives us.

The way we see ourselves and feel about ourselves alters the way we feel about others as well.

The information we use in our operating system, is called affect. Affect is the information that tells us what our relationship to other things is, it also prepares us for these same relationships.

If our affect prepares us for a relationship and tells us we are vulnerable or safe, incapable or powerful, ineffectual or creative, unattractive or beautiful the preparation has an effect on how we are able to experience ourselves and others.

The way we experience ourselves in  a relationship changes our relationship and gives us a different set of experience options.

The experiences we will enjoy, will improve when the way we experience ourselves does.

When we rewrite the erroneous information in our operating system that makes us feel bad about ourselves in a relationship, we have the clarity to have a better experience in that relationship and all relationships.

We learned the affects we have by emulation, empathy and imitation. These form the foundation for the feelings we have about ourselves, others and the world. They create the theme we live.

The experiences we have reinforce the affects we have.

Our script can only be changed when we rewrite erroneous affects that prevent us from the experiences we want to enjoy.

Our script is easy to rewrite because we are able to rewrite the affects that create it.

When we rewrite an affect it is as permanent as rewriting any memory.

An erroneous affect will create a bad experience, something like a day-mare. We change a day-mare in the same way we would change a nightmare. Affects are the foundation of our nightmares, not ideas. When we rewrite the erroneous affect that creates our nightmare, the nightmare no longer has anything to generate it.

As we rewrite erroneous affects, we essentially remove illusions about ourselves that prepared us for something bad. As we remove the illusions, we have a clarity that gives us a new and better life. When we have clarity in this way, how we perceive things allows us to have a better experience.

Enlightenment is just a state of clarity that allows us perceive and enjoy much more, effortlessly.

The first part of an exercise allows us to see if we have an affect that is erroneous.

The second part of an exercise allows us to become familiar with the affect and what it does when it prepares us for something bad.

The last part rewrites the affect.

Each step is on audio and is an exercise that takes less than 10 minutes and the results are lasting.

We naturally rewrite affects all the time. If you learned to float, you rewrote the affect that prepared you for the water. Now that the affect is rewritten, you are able to prepare for something good, so that you may have the experience of floating. If you did not rewrite the affect, you would not have an experience of floating, you would still be too guarded and tense to breathe deeply enough to float.