Why do we remove conditioning and become more ourselves?

The entire system of exercises is designed to make us more ourselves…

…confident, secure, powerful, strong, happy, creative, brilliant, feeling and alive.

The exercises we have at I change reality are designed to allow us to be all of who we are. Just as in the Wizard of Oz when the Wizard gave the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow something that made them whole and more alive, we give you the ability to do that yourself using the exercises on the site.

There is nothing I would want to add, in the way of conditioning that would help us to be more ourselves. We have natural conditioning happen all the time. When we do something we enjoy and we are rewarded with good feelings because we are doing something pleasurable we are conditioning ourselves with those good feelings. If we do something that gives us a negative feeling we are conditioning ourselves as well.

Being creative or motivated is something that happens naturally when we are authentic and have self esteem.

In tests, women that have forced themselves to like the men that abused them were not able to tell the difference between the picture of a smiling man and the picture of an angry man that looked frightening.

Do we want to like everything or have clarity? Do we want to feel wonderful no matter what is happening or do we want to be empowered?

How can we know if what we are doing is helping us to become more of who we are or is changing us to become different and make someone else happy?

Many “motivational” systems use sophisticated means to make us much more suggestible. Is that for our benefit or for theirs?

When or if we are asked to “understand” something that does not make sense, or to suspend our critical judgement and be “open” this is often just the “trick” that is needed to subtly coerce us into being a different person.

People that ask us to suspend our critical judgement understand, that if we change our behavior and follow their lead, our ideas will follow to support our actions.

In tests, classrooms were asked to smile if the instructor went to the left and frown when he moved to the right. It was not very long before all instructors were leaning against the left wall. When told, they all argued that it was their idea.

Some of us may have modeled someone in the hopes we would feel better than the way we felt. We may feel wonderful imitating someone else but we do not become more ourselves, we just become phoney.

We want to like who we are, having to be someone else does not make us feel better deep inside.

Being phoney will  eventually make us less confident and less capable. Because we are not ourselves, we have difficulty connecting to the information we have learned in our past and this makes us anxious, annoyed easily, irritable, unable to relax, unable to laugh as much, tense, distracted, quick to become angry, defensive and less feeling.

In boxing there is no time to think, a good boxer must react or he is too slow. When we are acting or phoney, we are not able to be humorous or react quickly enough to be spontaneous, it may seem fine but it is just silly.

The exercises we provide for you on this site, will remove conditioning that makes it more difficult to be authentic, have self esteem and open our hearts to be truly motivated.

When we become authentic we have clarity we are able to see that our dreams are real and we also know we have the power to make them happen as they should.

The following exercises will bring us back to whom we are. They are, able to remove the conditioning that inhibits us from feeling the way we should naturally feel. The exercises, Feeling Safe, Making it safe for my inner child, Feeling at Home, Feeling I Belong, Self Respect, Motivation/Moving Forward, Feeling Beautiful and Creativity are here to help us to remove any conditioning that makes us feel less ourselves and have a less wonderful experience of our life.