What creates our nightmares and day-mares? How can we live our dream?

The same erroneous illusions that create nightmares, also prevent us from living our dreams when we are awake.






What creates our nightmares?

We instantly and automatically prepare for anything, based on information that tells us about ourselves in relation to other things.

If the information we use about ourselves tells us we are vulnerable, we will have a different experience of things, than if our brain told us we could have fun.

This information about ourselves, is our theme and our story’s are based on this theme.

When we are awake or asleep our sense of self, will color our experience of things.

Dorothy’s experiences, both awake and asleep, had the same theme and emotional value even though the visual experiences were different.

During nightmares, many people experience themselves running from something they do not see. Some people become immobilized while trying to run and can not see what is holding or slowing them. They have a feeling about themselves in their nightmare. What they fear may not be something they can visually create.

How could we stop having nightmares?

The information we automatically have about ourselves, adds color to the meaning of what we see. I call this, “the lens we use”.

If we want to have clarity so we can see things clearly, we could rewrite the information we use about ourselves. This would create a different experience in the theme of our story both while we were dreaming and awake.

When we rewrite erroneous information, we have a feeling of well being, self esteem and strength that will enable us to be authentic, relaxed, present, confident and enlightened instantly and automatically all the time.

Our moods, reactions, perceptions, emotions and physical health all benefit when our lens has clarity. If we had a nightmare and someone gave us “rational reasons” to think it was erroneous, we would still have the feeling it was real. If we have a nightmare and later have a good feeling about ourselves and our life, we ourselves can examine the nightmare and understand it was not an accurate understanding.

When we move ourselves to a better place our ideas follow. Ideas do not lead us, it is our automatic self concept that gives us an experience of ourselves that is the theme to our story. Will we make the choice to be the writer of our story or just act out a part that has already been written for us because of a history of generations of conditioning based on fear?

When we do the exercises on this site, we have the clarity to be able to live our dream and not have to waste our time running away from our nightmares.