What is real personal growth?

Real Permanent Growth

Have you ever found a new outfit you felt wonderful in? We go out in the new outfit and have a wonderful time. The experience is objectively better.

Wearing a new outfit will change what we experience because the way we experience ourselves is better. What we expect to happen alters how we automatically prepare. If we are prepared to find people looking at us because we are beautiful, we will see that in everyone’s eyes and we will change our experience.

A person that feels self conscious about their appearance, automatically prepares themselves for the experience of people seeing them as unattractive, without thinking. When a self conscious person has someone look at them, the way they experience the person, makes them feel uncomfortable. We look into the eyes of others and see what we automatically prepare to see, no matter what we are thinking. The ability to perceive that someone is attracted to them, is missing from someone that does not have the ability to have that perception themselves. The option of the experience of feeling attractive to someone else is not a possibility, so a self conscious person does not look to see people smiling at them. People that are not looking for a smile are altering the experience.

In particle physics, when photons are emitted and we do not look for a particle state the wave form is all we will see. If we are looking at photons and how we look prepares us to see the particle state, we will see that. The particle state is us looking for a smile and getting a smile. If we understand that how we experienced something has improved our experience, we experience a little enlightenment. If we figure out how we can get smiles all the time, we experience more enlightenment.

The same is true in life. Looking for a smile gives someone the option of having a smile, people are not smiling at buildings they smile at people looking for a smile. Just as in particle physics, what we are prepared to experience, alters the way we may experience someone or something and changes the options of experience we have.

A person that feels beautiful, gives others the option of smiling at them because they are looking for it and when they see a smile, they imagine the other person smiled because they are beautiful.

Most people think we can change our ideas or thoughts and experience this enlightenment. This is not true. Changing our thoughts or ideas only works while we are thinking about them, it is not the “real” us so it isn’t happening automatically when we are not thinking about it. People that add “be happy or I am beautiful” as an idea are too slow to be reflexive enough to change their reality.

When we improve how we automatically prepare the preparation is instantaneous and reflexive, it is fast enough to alter reality. When we have improved the instant and automatic way we prepare to see ourselves, we improve the lens we use. We see ourselves as beautiful and see everyone else does in their eyes when they look at us. What we are prepared to experience is validated by our experiences. Just as in particle physics, what we are prepared to experience, will offer us different options of possibilities.

Would you like to feel the way you do when you get a new outfit all the time? Do you want to experience yourself as more beautiful, be able to experience that you are more beautiful in the eyes of those that look upon you and have the experiences that someone that is seen as beautiful has?

Real change, whether it is feeling safe, feeling beautiful or enlightenment is something that happens to us automatically.

There are others that will tell you they improve our subconscious or unconscious. They only teach “mind control” of your verbal mind. Our subconscious and unconscious understand words less than a dog would.

You are in the right place. You are here.



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Bob Milstein