What creates the way we prepare, our perceptions, and reactions? How can we change that?

Scientifically speaking, what is going on that allows us to rewrite the tape of a memory whenever we watch it?

How can we rewrite the information on the tapes we made before we were verbal, that give us information about how to feel about ourselves?

On a molecular level, the latest experiments in rewriting memory show that memories are something very solid,  like concrete in our brain. As we begin to recall a memory, it becomes like wet cement. When we are feeling the memory deeply, there is nothing solid in our brain to find of the memory because it is an experience we are currently having.

Immersed in the memory, we are in the process of reviewing it before we re-record it. The old solid memory disappears for a while until a new memory is born. After we have a new memory, as it is recorded it becomes like cement once again.

In an experiment, mice heard a buzzer before receiving a shock. The buzzer continued after the shocks stopped. The mice had become conditioned to preparing for a shock when they heard a buzzer noise. After the shocks stopped the mice continued to prepare for a shock when they heard the buzzer.

In this experiment there was use of a drug to stop feelings in the mice. The drug eliminated the feeling created by the conditioning. On a molecular level the experimenters were able to see what happened. The mice re-recorded the memory of the buzzer without the bad feeling associated with the conditioning, because there was no feeling to record.

The experimenters were then able to use the buzzer without any upset in the mice.

How is this different from what happened normally for the mice? Normally there was no shock, so why did the mice continue to prepare for one? The automatic preparation that took place created a feeling, and that feeling was re-recorded over and over.

The process of rewriting is something that is natural. It occurs all the time. Our brains were made to be updated and we do that every time we learn something new such as riding a bike or learning to float.

The chemistry of love makes the rewriting of affect very simple and is better for humans than the chemicals the experimenters gave the mice, to remove conditioning.

When we are with a person we want to feel a oneness with, we release neurotransmitters, dopamine and nor epinephrine. These give us a feeling of excitement and heightened perception. The more we are together with the person we feel one with, the more we release endorphins and enkephalins, these powerful natural narcotics give us a sense of comfort, safety and well being. The feeling of oneness we have may come from the neurotransmitter serotonin. The important thing for us is that these chemicals give us the opportunity to rewrite things very easily.

As we rewrite affect we prepare for a different experience. The new experiences we enjoy because of this preparation, will validate and reinforce the more accurate feeling we now have.

How did we become conditioned in this way? We are going to be working with the term “affect”. We are using affect to describe something we learned from our parents, by watching them before we were verbal.

Before we had a sense we were separate from our parents; how our parents felt was very important to us. Our well being was dependent upon them and how they felt about themselves in different situations was something we understood and felt ourselves.

The changes in the way our parents felt about themselves in different situations were because of their affects. Affect changes the way we feel about ourselves in relationship to other people. Affect automatically prepares us and alters our reactions, perceptions, emotions and experience.

The various changes in the way our parents felt about themselves in different situations was something we imitated, emulated, empathized and became conditioned to. Affect gives us a shared understanding with our parents. The affects we have give us the feelings we have about ourselves.

How we feel about our safety, appearance, creativity, lovability, well being, relationships, how we are heard, desired, how much reward we deserve and more, all were learned this way.

Enlightenment is not just about being relaxed. Enlightenment is about having clear perceptions. Perceptions that allow us to experience better experiences.




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Bob Milstein