Why do relationship exercises?

 We can create a sacred place within our relationship that will allow us to rewrite affect more powerfully and completely.

Most of us are looking for an opportunity to have the same feeling of oneness in a relationship, we had with our parents before we were verbal.

When we are with a person we want to feel this oneness with, we release neurotransmitters, dopamine and nor epinephrine. These give us a feeling of excitement and heightened perception.

The more we are together with the person we feel one with, the more we release endorphins and enkephalins, these powerful natural narcotics give us a sense of comfort, safety and well being.

The feeling of oneness we have may come from the neurotransmitter serotonin. The important thing for us is that these give us the opportunity to rewrite things very easily.

We have the opportunity to re-write many things that we feel are erroneous for us that we keep looking to resolve.

As we slip into this feeling of oneness, we can do exercises that will easily give us the feelings we want to have about ourselves.

When we rewrite the old information, we are free to have wonderful feelings  about ourselves all the time.

The relationships we have are altered by what we are preparing for, it can determine what we create for ourselves.

How we feel about ourselves alters how everyone else will feel about us, automatically.

The exercises in the section will rewrite whatever we want, so we may have all the bliss and joy possible.