How do we create our experience?

It may be easy to see the difference between the feral cat outside and the one happily curled up in our lap. They both have a very different experience of their lives because of the affect they learned from their parents. How does affect actually effect us? How does it alter our experience?

Imagine we go to a swimming pool, it is a beautiful day, our friends are in the pool, they invite us to come in and join them. We do not know how to swim.

How we experience ourselves in relationship to something else, will alter the possibilities for options of experiences we can have. Each time we change how we feel about ourselves in relationship to something else, we prepare for a different experience and we change the  experience we have. Our options for experiences are greatly enhanced when we instantly and automatically prepare for a good experience.

If the instantaneous preparation we have makes us automatically relaxed and excited when we see the water, because of the way we experience ourselves, we will be able to breathe deeply and expand our lungs enough to learn to float easily. We will also have a wonderful experience of everyone around us.

If the instantaneous preparation we have makes us automatically guarded and tense when we see the water, because of the way we experience ourselves, we will not be able to relax and expand our lungs enough to breathe deeply enough to learn to float. As we are able to let go of the feeling we are vulnerable and feel a sense of confidence, we relax and breathe more deeply, we are able to then expand our lungs enough to float.

How we experience ourselves alters the lens we use, if we feel vulnerable, the kids playing next to us may splash us and instead of enjoying it, we experience the water very differently than when we splashed our face ourselves that morning to wake up.

Being relaxed enough to be in the present is the same, when we feel a sense of well being and bliss because of the way we automatically prepare for what we are looking at, we are able to feel relaxed and excited automatically all the time. How we automatically feel about ourselves in the situations that are important to us, is what will give us the ability to have an experience of something new and wonderful. We have the ability, with the exercises on this site, to improve the instant and automatic way we prepare, based on how we feel about ourselves in that situation. We are able to improve each situation one by one and each one we improve adds a greater overall feeling of well being that makes improving the next one easier.

Each different way we instantly prepare will change how we are able to experience things and because how we experience things will change what we can experience, we will have a different life when we rewrite the erroneous affects we have. Because the affects we learned control how we prepare for every relationship we have with either people or other things, whether we are able to float or struggle and make no progress, depends on how we automatically prepare.

The feeling we have in our body when we feel a sense of well being allows us to let go and relax more deeply, automatically. This is what people are trying to achieve when they meditate. Being relaxed and excited as well as present is something that we want to have automatically all the time. The amount of clarity we have is linked to how we prepare as well, our lens is subjective and if we actively work to create preparations that are enlightened, we will have enlightened experiences. Many things that we struggle to get, can only be won when we let go and have a better way of experiencing ourselves.

Each time we use the information in a file that creates an automatic preparation for us, our self-perception changes well before we enter the situation. As we prepare for something because we feel like a victim instead of feeling confident, our perception of what we see changes as well as the options of experiences we have to choose from.

If we have been conditioned to accept our role as a victim, it may feel more comfortable to be angry in situations we know we are safe to be angry in. If we have conditioning that lowers our self esteem we may not notice when we are respected and when we are not respected.

People in seminars or groups that use disorientation, confusion, fear, trance and other techniques for an extended time to lower a person’s critical judgement and create conditioning… push people so much they dissociate. After a person dissociates they are greatly influenced by group behavior and approval, so they follow the groups non-verbal ques instead of using the own judgement. This is the essence of how abuse changes a person. Because the experience is frightening and the person dissociates from it, they do not feel the fear when they are in trance but feel fear when they are trying to relax or sleep. Most feel distressed unless they continue to do more of the very thing that gave them the fear.

If we are able to feel emotions we connect with our old non-dissociated self. If we rewrite the information in the folder that contains this conditioning, we feel wanted and lovable in a situation were we are respected and have the ability to see options to create bliss. We are also able to distinguish when someone does not respect us. Now we see we have options that allow us to not accept disrespect from people that want to use or abuse us.

When we rewrite this old erroneous conditioning we are able to be more ourselves and it is the most loving thing we could do for ourselves. We do not need to change any ideas or thoughts, to see others as wonderful that are not….we just need to rewrite the automatic non-verbal programs that we want to make our life better.

Have you ever wondered why after all the work we have done on ourselves to grow, we still feel the same? There is a fresh new way to grow now, you can only find it here. It is not far from you or hard to understand. It is just an easy way to open your heart …to love yourself.

Contact me and thank you.

Bob Milstein