How do we create the theme of our life’s story?

Dorothy in OzIn our dreams we imagine our home to look many different ways. The feeling we have in a dream creates a visual expression we can see.

If the automatic part of our brain prepares us for something bad, when we are asleep, we will create a visual experience of the feeling. We may run from something that we do not see or become immobilized by our fear. This is a nightmare.

If the automatic part of our brain prepares us in the same way, for something bad to happen in the daytime, the perceptions and experiences we create are called a day-mare.

The same affect or erroneous memory, that creates a preparation for something bad, can become the theme for both our night and day lives. With the exercises on this site, we have the ability to make the choice to remove illusions that chase us and instead have the power to create a theme where we are chasing what we dream of.

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz did not feel safe and wanted, this was Dorothy’s theme for her story both awake and asleep. Just before Dorothy had her dream, the feelings, perceptions and experiences she had gave Dorothy reason to run away.

Most of us are fortunate, we have a feeling we are at home wherever we go. Some of us do not feel lovable, beautiful, heard, accepted, appreciated, desired and more. The deep understandings we have about ourselves and what we should prepare for, may not be accurate for us. These feelings have given people reasons to run away as well.

For some, being with someone that adores them, may make them feel self conscious and uncomfortable. These people may inadvertently push people that want to be caring away. Later the person that does not feel good about themselves wonders why they are not given attention. The relationship we have with ourselves is reflected in all of our relationships.

Our theme is how we experience ourselves and others. If we want to change it, we have to change the automatic conditioning we have that gives us the experience.

When we have clarity about ourselves and others, we have more relaxation and presence than anything else could give us. When we rewrite the old erroneous conditioning, we can open up, be more ourselves and create the theme we want to have.

When we remove old illusions and add clarity, we reveal our potential. If we feel wonderful, we prepare to have enjoyable experiences. When we feel good about ourselves, we see the beauty of the people we are near and have options for more pleasure. If we added the feeling we were not safe and wanted to our lens, we would not have the clarity to create the same experiences.

The way we feel about ourselves is instant and automatic. We create our theme and story, before we consciously think about it. Just as in our dreams, the feelings we have deep inside about our self, alter what we see visually.

That is why we are here. Our perceptions, reactions, emotions, feelings, energy, presence, vitality, creativity, warmth, openness, bliss and laughter all are automatic. These form the foundation of who we are and the essence of what others may describe as our soul. Who we are is how we experience our life.

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Bob Milstein