The Exercises

Drive-thru enlightenment-

The exercises are on downloadable audio. Everything you need to achieve enlightenment is here and free.

Each exercise is in order to achieve enlightenment but you can do whatever you want, you do know what is best for you.









I will provide all you need on this website, free of charge. You will be able to do all you want or need to do to have enlightenment, just by yourself. Make yourself comfortable. What you have found is something real.

I am not interested in altering your priorities or beliefs. The exercises are designed to bring clarity to the non-verbal part of our brain. Whatever got you here was perfect. We are going to find out who we are and how wonderful that can be.

There are exercises to become aware of how we feel about ourselves because of the automatic way we prepare inside. In our “operating system” (limbic system) there are non-verbal memories of how our parents felt about themselves in all the situations they were in.

These “memories” of what our parents felt are similar to the “memories” animals have of how their parents felt in various situations. Some cats had “memories” of their parents being afraid when they saw humans and they become (wild) while other cats used information about how calm their parents were around humans to give them the ability to live with humans.

These “memories” are in the form of non-verbal information, memories of the reactions, perceptions and emotions our parents experienced. This non-verbal information is what our operating system uses to decide how we should instantly “react” in different situations that we are now in.

This automatic way of preparing in the same way our parents did, also makes us feel the same way about ourselves as they did. The non-verbal information we use in our operating system to instantly and automatically prepare no matter what we are thinking about, is called “affect’.

There are exercises to rewrite any affect that makes us feel uncomfortable about ourselves in the situations we want to enjoy. When we improve our affect, we improve our self image.

We use our operating system for facial recognition and understanding even the most subtle expressions. As quickly as our operating system gets information about how someone we are with is feeling, it instantly and automatically prepares us by making whatever adjustments it feels are appropriate. It happens before we think about it. What is important to understand is that while reading minds may be limited to a select few, we can all read each others feelings.

As we improve our self image we also improve the way others feel about us. Others instantly and automatically adjust themselves to how we are feeling about ourselves, before they think about it. There is a section of exercises that allow us the experience of creating feelings in others by just having the feelings ourselves. With the exercises, we will understand how to have feelings that will create experiences that are beyond words.

All of the exercises are on audio so they will be easy to do. Each exercise will last less than ten minutes.

Contact me and thank you.