Couples exercise- How we want to feel

Feeling the way I always dreamed I would feel when I was with the person I love.

The couple agrees that they will help each other to rewrite something that is important for them, to improve their life and relationship.

Each person decides upon a feeling they would like to have about themselves and shares it with their partner.

For example one person could want to feel more beautiful and the other could want to feel more lovable.

Because these people are in love, their chemistry makes rewriting an affect very easy.

When we are with a person we want to feel a oneness with, we release neurotransmitters, dopamine and nor epinephrine. These give us a feeling of excitement and heightened perception. The more we are together with the person we feel one with, the more we release endorphins and enkephalins, these powerful natural narcotics give us a sense of comfort, safety and well being. The feeling of oneness we have may come from the neurotransmitter serotonin. The important thing for us is that these chemicals give us the opportunity to rewrite things very easily.

We allow ourselves to feel relaxed in our body when we take some deep breathes and allow ourselves to feel beautiful or lovable.

We bring the wonderful feeling we want to have into our body, allowing ourselves to feel beautiful or lovable and accept that about ourselves. We than notice how much more ourselves and alive we feel.

It is important to continue to feel this way for the next 6 hours, the time the window is open for re-condensation, an enhancement we will have with us all the time.

Having emotional experiences that reinforce the way we automatically now prepare, will  give us a more accurate experience of ourselves, so for the rest of the day we want to make sure we continue to have an experience of ourselves this way.

When one person feels they have the new feeling they wanted, it becomes the next persons turn.

At this time the roles are reversed. The steps are the same. The person that wants to rewrite their self-image is made to feel the way they would like to feel about themselves.

When both people feel the way they wanted, they continue to focus on treating their partner the way they wanted to feel.

Couples exercise one- feeling what makes me feel less than entirely beautiful when I am with the person I love.

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Couples exercise two- feeling entirely beautiful with the person I love.

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