Creativity- Removing what keeps us from being creative.

Jeff taught art at a local University. Jeff asked me to help him learn how to teach his students to become more creative. “I know I have taught my students how to become more adept at their craft. Every year I ask my graduating class as their final assignment to create something original and moving. Every year they ask me what I want to see. What can I do?”

If we are going to look deep inside and express some universal truth that others will be moved by, we have to be able to let go and open ourselves up.

As we let go of the things that are not us, we reveal more of ourselves and open a well from which our creativity can flow.

When we rewrite or remove the affects or conditioning that inhibit our creativity, we become playful and creative. We are also able to feel safe trying to achieve the dreams that have meaning for us.

Adding something is like writing with ink, the ink and the paper are not one, so the addition is not permanent.

When we engrave something it is a permanent change, because this is a change within itself.

When we remove what has blocked our heart, we have a change within us that is permanent and who we are is revealed.

The following exercise helped Jeff and his classes to remove what inhibited them to reveal more of themselves and become more creative.

Exercise One: Finding if we have an affect that is preparing us in a way that makes being creative harder.

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Exercise Two: Rewriting whatever was preparing us so that being creative and doing things that have meaning for us has been harder than it should be.

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