Physical health

Physical healing while we sleep-

Before there was Chiropractic, there was sleep.

Sleep and deep relaxation are the body’s natural way to bilaterally balance and relax all the muscles that move our spine. When the muscles on both sides are relaxed there is balance.

When one is tighter on one side than another, it is because it has not gone back to its normal resting position. Each night as we sleep deeply relaxed, the opposing muscles on each side of our spine, go back to their normal relaxed resting position naturally, unless there has been an acute injury or we are unable to relax deeply.

If we have guarding and tightness throughout the day, our body is tight and tense by the end of the day. There are exercises that will allow us to recognize it and then rewrite the affect, so we may have more comfort in our body all through the day and night as well.

There are many people that have aches and pains, tightness and discomfort in their back and elsewhere because they are unable to relax deeply enough or sleep deeply enough to have the bilaterally opposing muscles on each side of their spine to completely relax when they sleep. If one side does not completely relax it will be shorter than the opposing muscle on the other side and pull the spine towards it. This is uncomfortable and as more and more of this happens it is less easy to relax.

When one has a feeling of fear or anxiety that does not let them relax completely because it is preparing them and tightening their muscles, it may not be something they are aware of. We always want to get the best rest possible. When we feel wonderful in our body before we sleep, we have a more restful and healing experience. Our body can heal itself, if we help it to get what it needs.

Exercise before sleep


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