Moving Forward-

A Visit to the Wizard of Oz…








When we understand what loving ourselves really means……and we do it, we feel real power.

Have you ever noticed as we get closer to a goal, we feel better and better?

Before we even reach our goal we begin to reward ourselves. We allow ourselves permission to feel more alive, as we do we become happier and more ourselves.

We have the power to automatically allow ourselves permission to feel more alive and happy all the time, not just when we achieve something.

It is not a goal that gives us a good feeling, it is something we reward ourselves with.

When we have real love for ourselves, not just admiration, we reward ourselves with a feeling of aliveness for being who we are and being authentic.

If we are not feeling as happy and alive as we would like, we may not be aware of what is preventing us, from feeling the way we want.

If we only reward ourselves for the things we do that others admire, we may not understand how to love ourselves and reward ourselves for developing the self esteem to be real.

The Wizard of Oz knew the importance of rewards when he gave the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion a small reward. The real reward the Wizard gave them, was the ability to love who they were, so they could have self esteem and be authentic.

The following exercises will give us an automatic feeling of love for ourselves. When we feel self love, we are able to reward ourselves with the good feelings we want to feel motivated.

We are going to rewrite what  makes us want assurance and replace it with something that will give us an automatic reward for being an authentic person.

We have the ability to feel more alive, happy and whole, once we realize the self esteem and respect we want is within us to give ourselves.

As we rewrite what made us self critical and become self loving, we stop taking away our aliveness and happiness, so we stop depression.

Deep inside we have always wanted to be able to love ourselves as we are, so we could be the laughing happy version of us all the time. It is time we feel that way about ourselves.

We are actually able to achieve more, as we become more of our real confident self.

When we forgive ourselves and reward ourselves because we love ourselves, we posses the ability to do things that are genuine.

If we want to be who we can be, we begin by being the authentic version of ourselves and proud of it. Doing the following exercises will rewrite what makes us overly critical and add a feeling of unconditional love and respect, we will feel automatically all the time.

These exercises are just what we need to feel more alive and  happy.

I am going to tell you a little story about a client that I will refer to as Leo. Leo appeared to be a very big powerful man. Leo told me, “When I was a boy, I would jump into the river by my home. I loved to float over the falls when the water was high and I remember it was exciting.

I went to the river with my son a few weeks ago and as I walked along the bank, I noticed I was anxious I might fall in. I sensed my son felt my apprehension. It was a hot day, many kids and adults were swimming and we were not.”

Leo told me of a business failure. He then added, “I have been stuck inside this house most of the time since then. I do not have the ability to be in the present, the television plays and I ask my wife, “What are we watching?”.

I was a very big man and now I feel small. I know you can look inside and see the real size of a person. I do not feel like the same person I once was.

In my dreams I am afraid of something I can not see and I am unable to move. I am tired all the time and have so much pain in my body. Where is the person I once was?”

I told Leo that I could help him to be proud so he could give himself permission to be relaxed, happy and play. Leo did the following exercises and is more powerful and happy than ever.

How do we want to treat ourselves? How can we feel we have permission to be happy, play and feel alive?

Are we waiting for someone else to see the value in what we do? Are we looking into someone’s eyes to judge how we should feel about ourselves?

Are we waiting for the Wizard of Oz to give us something to allow us to forgive ourselves and feel proud of who we are?

When we love ourselves, we become our own Wizard of Oz and have the ability to forgive ourselves and reward ourselves.

As we develop self esteem, we open our drapes and see our light.

Everything is illuminated from within, we are going to automatically feel the way we need to be who we are all the time. This is real motivation because we feel wonderful, alive, playful and we have opened our heart.

One-  We check and see if we are able to love ourselves unconditionally and allow ourselves to feel the way we want, if not what is it that is not allowing us?

We want to see if we are only giving ourselves permission to feel good, when others admire us.

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Two- Unconditionally loving ourselves and rewarding ourselves for being authentic. We let go of the affect of needing admiration to feel good and give ourselves permission to feel alive and happy, all the time.

Real motivation comes from the heart. When we do something that is meaningful to us, it is something we do out of love not the need for admiration.

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