Creating a deeper connection

When we feel how lovable we are, we enjoy playing and open up our ability to deeply connect.

Our relationship is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Rusty came in and sat on the couch. “My wife left me, she won’t answer my calls or open the door where she is staying. Can you help me?” he asked me.

I said to Rusty, “You and your wife have developed a connection. Your sense of self is what opens and closes that connection. The way you feel about yourself alters the way you are able to see your wife as well.

When we have a good feeling about ourselves, we open our heart and have the ability to connect. Opening up our heart, opens a link to the one we love and they feel that connection no matter how far apart it may seem we are.”

I asked Rusty if he remembered his honeymoon. He told me he had wonderful memories of it. I told Rusty, Our honeymoon is the time when we accept the way our mate feels about us as real. For that time we also are able to feel the same way about our self. It is a wonderful way to experience what we are in the relationship to get.

I asked Rusty to do an exercise with me. I asked Rusty to feel the way he did on his honeymoon. I asked him to relax and feel the way he did in his body and let go of all thought. I was going to ask him to do a self check to see if that was the way he felt in his body normally but before I did, he got a phone call from his wife. He listened to her and said “I love you too.” and hung up.

Rusty told me his wife called and told him to come over for dinner at 7:00.

Exercise- A deeper connection

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