Romance Every Day and a Honeymoon Every Night

We allowed ourselves to feel wonderful in our body even before our wedding, we grew as we did this. It should be the way we feel naturally all the time.

The next exercise is designed to rewrite anything that prevents us from experiencing the romance and pleasure we deserve. We can have love ourselves and allow ourselves to feel the wonderful way we would like to feel and have each day be more romantic.

We want to understand how we feel about ourselves, is mirrored in all the relationships we have, altering our reality.

First we do self checks and  feel what we are experiencing, how we feel about ourselves in our body, when we normally are with our mate.

Next we remember our honeymoon and remember the way we felt about ourselves in our body.

We bring in the feeling we had about ourselves in our body on our wedding day and honeymoon night.

Next we let go of anything that is making us feel less than the way we feel with the feeling we love to have about ourselves.

We bring the feeling we had about ourselves back and understand that this is the feeling we should have about ourselves, because the other feelings we have may be creating less than a romantic life for us.

As we allow ourselves to feel this way in our body, we are more unconditionally loving to ourselves.

The feeling that does not make us feel this good was an old illusion. It was something that prevented us from accepting and enjoying the experience of love that we want.

Now that we have rewritten how we feel inside of our body, we automatically have a deeper connection that will create passion and romance because we are open to it.

When we have an experience of ourselves as the perfect lover for our mate, we can open ourselves to feeling they are the perfect lover for us as well.

We have a better experience just as if we put on a new outfit we liked.

We instantly and automatically feel wonderful, beautiful and sensual. We want to give ourselves this feeling as a preparation to being with our love so it rewrites the old conditioning we had. If we let ourselves feel this in our home and before the many different situations we would be in together as a couple, we will find that our mate responds because when we rewrite our script we prepare a new part for them to play and enjoy as well. If we do this and understand we can update the non-verbal automatic preparations we have that create our self image, we can add more and more to enhance our life.

The reason a honeymoon ends is because we let go of the magic. Some people are so comfortable with the old feeling they had about themselves the moment they get home from their honeymoon they go right back to feeling the way they did before the wedding.

The magic is the feeling we have. We are able to rewrite anything that inhibits us from enjoying and celebrating all the love we could have.

We enjoy the experience of being “one” with someone, because this feeling allows us to resolve any self image issues we have.

We can allow ourselves to have the feeling of oneness we allowed ourselves to have on our honeymoon anytime, it was a time we gave ourselves unconditional love.

We will be rewriting whatever is  preventing us from feeling the same way about ourselves, that we would on our honeymoon, as it comes up. We slowly spend time being the perfect love for our perfect lover and anything that makes us feel less, we let go of.

We practice feeling wonderful and allow ourselves to surrender to the good feeling, so that we create a more accurate feeling about ourselves. We understand the way we used to feel did not allow us to experience the same clarity because it was an illusion that hurt us. As we let it go and accept this new way to feel for ourselves as real, we experience enlightenment. We are illuminated by what is within us.

Through this we learn how much power we have just feeling good.

It is our job to be the perfect lover for our perfect lover and it is important to do this exercise to let go of whatever is preventing us from experiencing this so that we can enjoy our honeymoon every day.

We continue to let go of anything that gives us a feeling that creates tightness in us and give ourselves a preparation that makes us feel wonderful and beautiful so we become immersed in joy.

Each time we relax and surrender, we open our hearts and create romance.

Our honeymoon is not the only time we should focus on our happiness. Every day we celebrate our relationship and enjoy all the happiness we can, is a day that makes our life better.

Our relationship is a temple. In the temple we are able to find and open a well. The water from that well brings such joy we are able to break all bounds.

Couples exercise- A honeymoon every day

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