Zen future

Discovering how we feel about new things. Being prepared for our future in a way that creates exciting new opportunities, not obstacles. “Skillful means” (upaya)

Do we want to have the heart to live the lives we want to live?

I heard a story once about a Zen master. In the story the Zen master goes to the home of an old friend. The old friends wife feels so honored by the masters presence, she takes special care in doing her best tea ceremony for him. The master thanks the woman after the ceremony, “That was the best tea ceremony I have ever enjoyed, let me give you something to show you my gratitude and respect.” The master smiled and reached into the hibachi with his chopsticks and pulled a hot coal from inside and offered it to her.

The woman extended the sleeve of her kimono, grabbed the end with the other hand and lifted the coal on her sleeve, the woman then bowed and went into the kitchen, where she dropped the coal in the sink.

The woman thought what a great honor it was to get such an unusual gift. She was excited to go back and honor the master for honoring her. The woman said, “Thank you for your presence in our home and the great honor of the lovely gift. Please allow me to give you a gift as well.”

The woman then reached into the hibachi with her chopsticks and plucked out a hot coal, the same way the master did and extended it to the master. The master exclaimed “This is exactly what I needed!”. The master then pulled out a pack of cigarets, took one out and put it in his lips. The master drew close to the coal and lit the cigarette, sat back and relaxed.

The options we have are increased as we bring clarity to the perceptions we have.

If we feel powerful, capable and fearless all the time, the perceptions we have become enlightened. We see things from a perspective that makes new things a wonderful challenge and we also have a way of experiencing the possibilities.

From an enlightened perspective, we are able to see the possibilities, because we are using our light to see. Each time we have more clarity, we have the opportunity to create great new things.

Becoming aware of how we feel about new things.

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Becoming aware of what happens automatically to us that makes us feel things are stressful instead of challenging.

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Feeling powerful, capable and fearless, so we automatically see challenges instead of obstacles.

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We illuminate everything from within.

When we prepare to see beauty, it reveals itself to us.

When we reveal a higher love, within ourselves, we see more because we bring our light.