Self respect

Respecting Our Self

Looking into their eyes we see unconditional respect.

Looking into our own eyes we have unconditional respect for ourselves.

We alone are able to judge and reward ourselves.

We reward ourselves with the feelings we want to have, for being authentic no matter what we do.

To increase our self respect, we are going to do an exercise and picture someone that respects us for who we are, unconditionally. I like to picture my Grandmother.

We want to be able to have the same unconditional respect for ourselves that the person we hold dearly in our heart felt for us.  If they respected us unconditionally because they loved who we were and not what we accomplished, they gave us a feeling we can recreate and hold as our own all the time.

We want to understand what the feeling is, that is preventing us from having the feeling of unconditional respect, in our body.

After we feel what it is preventing us from feeling the way we want all the time, we rewrite whatever it is and add a deep respect for ourselves in its place.

We then feel the unconditional respect our grandmother felt for us for ourselves. This is also the way we see others feeling about us when they look at us, automatically all the time.

Many things like respect are feelings not ideas. When we are able to have the feeling we want, it is like a muscle memory. We can be more of our authentic self when we are able to create the feelings we want all the time.

We will then be able to use our own eyes to judge and reward ourselves.

Self respect exercise.

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