Certified Cerebrology Trainer

If someone wants to help others doing Cerebrology, there will be workshops that will provide an apprenticeship program so that a “Certified Cerebrology Trainer” degree will be available.

I spoke with quite a few people and based on what we have discussed I have decided to begin a series of workshops. The workshops will help people to become more themselves and alive as they remove the conditioning of fear and inhibition we all have.

These will be workshops that are available to everyone and are the series of workshops that lead to enlightenment. We use non-verbal exercises that are natural, to re-write the conditioning of fear and insecurity that we all have in different situations. Removing these inhibitions and enhancing our self image in this way, makes us more ourselves and capable of having an experience we would not be able to have otherwise. We now automatically have the experience of ourselves the way we would if we had a new outfit on or were walking down the aisle to be married because those feelings are just how we should feel all the time without our fears and inhibitions.

There will be at least one workshop a month to start. In the apprenticeship program someone does their own work, doing a few workshops and when they feel the difference and understand what it does for their life, they then participate by learning how to do workshops and work with individuals or small groups.

The program will consist of my providing all scientific information that would be helpful but is not necessary to read. This information is there so when you have questions, you can find the answers to them.

Next the apprentice will be trained to do a one hour workshop and I will help so they do not do it alone, we do it together.

The next step is to learn and train others in Cerebrology by leading more of the various different workshops. Leading the workshops gives you an opportunity to have experiences of helping others to grow and have a better life.

The next step is that I help promote, organize and set up a workshop for several apprentices to do together. At that time I will give the apprentices a “Certified Trainer in Cerebrology” degree.

I will continue to provide any help to graduates because the future of Cerebrology, is all about them.

If you have an interest in a career that empowers people and gives them a new experience of life that is much better, please join us.

It takes courage to become one of the first to do something, I know that…I am sure you will always be proud you were.

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