Drive thru enlightenment

I would like to use the word enlightenment in a way it may not have been used in the past.

I am going to use the term “enlightenment” as the process of enhancing the automatic part of our brain that instantly provides us with the experience we have of our self and our intent.

In this blog I am going to site a few experiments. One experiment will show that our intent can change the outcome of a random number generator, much more than any thought, goal or desire could.

Our intent is automatic it is a part of who we are.

I next site experiments that show how our heart rate or skin conductance will increase 2-3 seconds before an emotional stimulus takes place.

If we can alter a random number generator with our intent and we can alter the heart rate and skin conductance of others even before they receive a stimulus, I believe I can safely say that our intent has the power to not only alter matter but alter the course of our relationships.

When we enhance our brain and improve how we automatically experience ourselves, we improve our intent.

Let me give you a picture that may help us understand the idea of intent. When we wear a new outfit, one that makes us feel good about our appearance, we may relax and become less inhibited and more ourselves. We may become very comfortable and present in the new outfit. What the new outfit has allowed us to do is transcend what inhibited us from having a good experience of ourselves. People feel shame, self dislike and many have other inhibitions that alter how they feel about themselves with others. These inhibitions can disappear in an instant when someone puts on a new outfit because we can let them go that easily

When we are comfortable and present, the bliss we feel is as contagious as our laughter. We are capable of removing fear by intent, I know you are reading this because you understand how important that is.

When we let go of what has limited us, we create a better reality. When we have enhanced our brain so that we can have a better reality, I say “we have become enlightened”.

As we experience this new renaissance, we see the beauty of others and as we do, they feel comfortable revealing more of their beauty to us. Our intent can make everyone around us have a better life.

When you read my blog called “What Controls our Brain“, I am sure you saw that the non-verbal part of our brain, where our intent is located, controlled how we automatically prepared, which in turn altered our perception, reactions, emotions and body. In this blog was also an experiment that showed that up to 7 seconds before we “think” we make a decision to use our left or right hand to touch something our non-verbal brain and its “intent” has already made the decision. This shows that our thoughts are a mere afterthought to our intent. Intent is a part of the non-verbal operating system of our brain and the exercises that we offer that use Cerebrology, are an easy and lasting way to enhance our brain and have the intent we want.

The following two experiments show how our nervous system reacts in advance to stimuli.

In his article, “Heart Rate Differences between Targets and Nontargets in Intuitive Tasks” Tressoldi reports the results of two experiments, aimed at investigating pre-stimuli heart rate changes. In the experiment a statistical significance (error risk) of p=0,015 was obtained while in the second experiment p reached 0,001. These results support the hypothesis that the heart rate reacts before the stimulus takes place (Tressoldi and coll., 2005).

In 2003, Spottiswoode and May in Cognitive Science Laboratory replicated the Biermnan and Radin (1997) experiments that show an increase in skin conductance 2-3 seconds before emotional stimuli are presented. Spottiswoodie and May replicated these results with a statistical significance of p=0, 0005, and performed controls in order to exclude all possible artifacts and alternate explanations. These results support the hypothesis that the autonomic nervous system reacts in advance to stimuli (Spottiswoodie and May 2003).

This next experiment shows that our intent, much more than our goals or thoughts, can alter a random number generator.

In 1979 the PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) laboratory was established under the direction of Robert Jahn, Dean of the University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The purpose of this laboratory was to replicate and study the results obtained by a student, which showed anomalous mind/machine interactions when using REG systems (Random Event Generator). PEAR and a consortium of other universities have replicated these results. The anomalous mind/machine interaction which is observed is very simple: REG systems produce ultra-precise Gaussian distributions, but when a subject tries to distort these distributions only by the expression of his intentionality, statistically significant deviations are observed. Even more fascinating is the fact that those distributions which have been produced before the subjects expression of intentionality show an amplified effect. The statistical significance of these amplifications is p<0,00000001 (Jahn, 2005). These experiments show that living systems constantly seem to be engaged in anticipation and show that intent can influence matter.

We have the science to change how we experience ourselves and more than anything else, a person enlightened this way can remove fear from others. I extend my hand, please join me and together we can say “I change reality”.

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