I was told the other day that I am a clairsenscient. I have known for a long time that I could feel how others felt inside and I could also understand the pain they felt.

I could heal people of many things just touching them, I even made someone paralyzed walk. After years of doing this I began to have a deep understanding about the source of many illnesses, suffering and pain.

I felt and understood what was “the cause” of problems. When I removed the cause, the problem would go. Sometime later, if the person did what caused the problem again, it would come back.

I understood as well that when the person I worked with removed the cause, the problems left forever and their life was better. I now realize the most powerful healing I could do, is to empower someone to grow and give them the tools to do that.

I felt and understood that most of the problems people had in their body were there to help them to have a feeling of love for themselves.

Just as we read a story about a protagonist, good stories the ones we get an understanding of a character from, give us experiences that show us the heroic nature of the character. Their difficult and trying hardships help us identify with them and allow us to love them and accept all of their qualities. The more the character suffers the more memorable and touching they are to us.

This was what I understood most of our suffering was about. Our suffering was here for us to understand how wonderful, strong, lovable and interesting we are. During our life, we may at some point after enough suffering understand, relate to and love who we are.

Whatever we did not feel for ourselves was also part of our theme. In this way we had experiences that would later give us a feeling about “our character” that was missing and necessary for us. Some people needed to know they were strong, some needed to know they were beautiful, some needed to know how to be good to the child within.

Most of the problems I felt in people were because they did not automatically having a feeling about themselves that was loving and healing.

I developed exercises that would give “people that wanted to grow and have a particular feeling about themselves” a lasting way to have that feeling and see themselves in the way they needed to, without having to suffer. I have helped many people grow and it has been wonderful.

While I was going to Chiropractic college I learned something. I was told the reason the examining table was up so high, was mostly so a patient’s feet would dangle and they would feel like children. The backless gown also made them feel vulnerable to an authority figure.

A healer was an authority figure. I think people wanted to “get healed” in the past…the problem with this system is that is gives away a persons power. It is as if they had another parent that is not very loving. When we give our power away to someone else, we have less ability to understand, “we need to be our own parent and healer and if we want help from someone, it is our choice to use them in our own healing”.

One problem we can have from someone that helps us is, they may not understand the cause and only alleviate the symptoms. It may be much more difficult to understand how to grow if we do not feel we have a problem and the small problem may become larger and larger.

The problems we have that are emotional or physical are in my opinion, a reason to identify with our character and see their wonderful qualities. When we do decide to forgive ourselves, when we see how strong we are, when we see how tough we are, when we see how wonderful we are after all the pain, maybe we will give ourselves the love we have always wanted from ourselves.

What is interesting about any type of healing, is how much the brain does to heal us when it decides we can move forward. In all types of healing, we understand that it is mostly us healing ourselves anyway. Sometimes their is an assist but how much is from the healing and how much is from our desire to move forward?

In the “Spiritual Brain” Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary write, “Rail de la Fuente-Fernandez and colleagues reported in 2001 that “our results suggest that in some patients most of the benefit that is assumed to be obtained from an active drug might derive from a placebo effect.” The researchers observed from PET scans that the placebo effect in Parkinson’s patients was mediated through activation of the damaged nigrostriatal dopamine system.

I see from the study that people that “experienced themselves as someone that should plan for a healthy future”, did something that gave them the ability to heal the cells in their own brain. The medication in the study did not have the ability to activate the damaged nigrostriatal cells.

I love empowering people to do their own healing. The empowerment allows them to heal their family.

Later in “Spiritual Brain” Mario and Denyse write, “Perhaps even more remarkably, sham surgery works too. A 2004 study compared thirty patients who received controversial embryonic stem-cell implants for Parkinson’s disease to patients who received only a sham surgery. Those that thought they received the stem-cells reported a better quality of life a year later than those that thought they had received the sham surgery, regardless of which surgery patients had actually received. The ratings by medical personnel tended to concur with the patient’s own views.”

I have helped many people do exercises to “relieve stress and be more comfortable” and it is amazing how much can be done when people have their power back. I have seen many people with all types of problems and illnesses heal themselves and go back to an even more wonderful life.

My questions are: Do we want to be empowered so we understand what creates our problems? Do we want to love and heal ourselves? Do we want to empower others to love themselves and change their reality as well?

I believe that pain and suffering are not put upon us by anyone but ourselves. We do not need to suffer to grow, we can enjoy our growth, healing and life. We have the opportunity to feel great inside and when we do we are able to teach this to our children as well. The clarity we give to the lens we use to understand our world, will allow us to have experiences beyond our dreams.

Be good to yourself. The relationship we have with our body and soul is special. Our Temple should be a place filled with love, gratitude and healing. Open your heart, when you give yourself a feeling of respect and love you will experience such joy it will break all bounds.  <3

We bring flowers to someone when something beautiful happens, inside of us. Our heart opens and we see only the beauty that already exists. Beauty is in us, all we do is open our heart, the world mirrors us.

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