The Seven Step Program










The 7 step program:

1) It’s my life

2) My soul is beautiful

3) Emotions add color to the world

4) Teaching my brain to reward me

5) Creating feelings in others

6) Opening my heart to create what I want

7) Relationships

Each step and peer support group will enhance our experience of life.

Step 1 – “It’s my life”

A person entering the group accepts that they are now “their own parent” and have the responsibility of giving themselves the love and happiness, they always wanted to have.

We take responsibility for hearing and seeing who we are. This means that we honor our feelings.When we cry inside, we hear it and do something about it. When we are our own parent and hear our inner child, we feel heard. When we listen we become more alive.

When we laugh and are happy, we reward ourselves by being proud we were good to our inner child. In this way we feel seen for who we are. We become more confident and whole each time we reward what makes us happy.

By being there all the time for our inner child, we re-pattern our early bonding experience. Because of this we have an enhanced experience of ourselves in the world.

As we feel ourselves as a caring and loving parent that is always there, we develop object permanence. Object permanence is the grounded feeling people want. We feel safe, at home and wanted no matter where we are.

The group allows members to talk about the new relationship they have with themselves and how they are parenting their inner child. We support each other as loving and compassionate parents that are learning more all the time.

This first step in opening our heart, is wonderful when we have support for the work we do.

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  • Nicki Cumin says:

    Hi Bob, Oh Wow, this is the grounded feeling I have been searching for in meditation, yoga etc but its emotional, at the core of my soul, and now I know how to fell safe, and love myself so I can become whole, such an amazing feeling I will work on. I am proud of who I am because I am a perfect child of God, CAN YOU HAVE THIS FEELING of safety without the belief in God, the creator? We all believe in a higher power except some angry hurt teenagers or those who are bitter and discouraged and need your programme. But even with my ‘MORE TO LIFE’ workshops, self esteem stuff, which also uses looking into mirrors for self love, and all affirmations, Louise Hay etc, we still need to learn how to feel love, courage, success etc So we all need this work and my inner child is rejoicing now , feeling a grand satisfaction that it is finally being hears and seen, and I truly can be myself. You are with me in this Bob, I love the videos and you write so beautifully that I’M Totally madly in love with you but Im sure many of your students are!

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