Step Two Seeing the Beauty of Our Soul


How do we grow as a person so that we can experience our beauty reflected in the world we see? One of the important steps in the process is to develop an appreciation for the beauty of our soul.

When we are able to experience the beauty our soul has, we are able to open our heart much more. As we open our heart we turn up the volume on all of our senses and experience much more.

“How” we see ourselves is important for our growth. In particle physics, you may have learned that “how” we observe an object changes it. If we are only able to see light in the form of a particle, light will become a particle. When we are only able to see light in the form of a wave, light will become a wave.

How we observe something in particle physics changes it. “How” we observe ourselves changes us as well.

If we put on a new outfit, we feel wonderful. When we feel wonderful, we experience ourselves in a way that allows us to be more ourselves. Who we are when we are more ourselves, allows us to create experiences we would not have, if we were not feeling whole.

What creates the way we “see” ourselves? Our brain works as a unit for many tasks but not all tasks. Some areas of our brain have specific duties. One area of our brain adjusts our pupil size and another area has the ability to analyze information the information our eye receives about the spectrum of light. This area of our brain adds the value of color to an object.

Another area of our brain adds the emotional value others have for us. “How” we see ourselves, is an emotional value we place on ourselves. “How” we see ourselves may be different in each relationship we have. How we see ourselves also changes the outcome of each relationship we have.

Our brain is primarily a social tool for us to interact with others. The part of our brain that ascribes the value or meaning of the facial expressions of others, does this for us instantly. In the same instant, the same area of our brain will change how we feel in relationship to someone’s facial expressions. We also understand what we may expect as an outcome of this relationship in the same way.

We learned “how” to feel about ourselves from our early experiences. The part of our brain that “sees” us, does not understand language.

Step number 2 is about seeing the beauty of our soul. We will be doing exercises that allow us to rewrite the conditioned way we see ourselves in various relationships. The exercises give us an experience that allows us to see the beauty of our soul reflected in the eyes of everyone we have a relationship with.

We learn to dance, float or ride a bike and have a new experience of ourselves that allows us to see ourselves differently. “How” we now see ourselves has been enhanced because of a new experience of ourselves. The way we get updates in our brain so we can see ourselves in a new way is not from words or ideas but from a new experience of our self.

How does seeing our self in an enhanced way improve our life in an objective way? When we are interviewed for a job, our job is to move a person’s feelings about us towards our goal of offering us the job. If how we see ourselves is as a wonderful person, the person interviewing us will instantly understand how we feel. If we do not feel comfortable, the person interviewing us will understand this too, without us saying a word.

If we ran out onto a stage because we were late and the audience lights were on so we could see the audience, we would look into the eyes of the audience and see them as judgmental. How we felt about ourselves (anxious) would be added to the value or meaning of what we felt was behind the eyes looking at us.

If we feel wonderful, relaxed and lovable before we went onstage, we would see the audience love us. Conditioning is the “preparation” added before we do something. The feeling we have inside us about ourselves is what we see in the eyes of others.

If we have a good objective experience of ourselves a few times, each experience will validate a new and enhanced automatic way of seeing ourselves. Just as when we learn to dance, we can have an experience of ourselves in any social situation or relationship that will allow us to be more comfortable and whole.

Seeing love in someone’s eyes now becomes what we prepare for automatically each time we see them or when we go onstage. We now have a new conditioned response and a new outcome because of it.

If we saw ourselves as unlovable or someone that had to accept mistreatment, we might have lived out a story similar to a tragedy. When we appreciate who we are and respect the beauty of our soul, we give ourselves the ability to rewrite our story and create the life we want.

Seeing the beauty of our soul is what this lesson and group is about. The 2nd group gives us the support of having a new experience of ourselves in any relationship we want to improve. The experience allows us to see the beauty of our soul in others eyes.

As we learn to appreciate the beauty of our soul, we develop the ability to also see beauty in the souls of others. When we see the beauty of a person’s soul it is wonderful to see how much they enjoy showing us all of the beauty they have. As we open our heart and connect to others in this way, we create an enhanced experience.



I remember someone saying “If we could enjoy our work with the enthusiasm we play sports with, we would be very successful.” We change the percentages in our favor when we see challenges instead of obstacles.If you or your employees are looking for ways to be more successful, the first step to take is clearing the lens we use, so we can see our goals as small challenges and enjoy each one of them.

Jack Nicklaus, the wonderful golfer was asked what his secret to success was. He said, “I think that winning at golf is just about luck but I notice I get luckier the more I practice.” I understood from listening to people that were successful what the ingredients for success were but having the feeling they had, was what gave the ingredients flavor.

Seeing challenges instead of obstacles is something that comes from deep inside us. I wanted to have the sense of play and wonder that I saw on the faces of those that had the courage to live a life they dreamed of. I wanted to be as enthusiastic about everything I did, as Jack Nicklaus was about playing golf.

Rewriting the conditioning I had that automatically made me see obstacles instead of challenges, was essential to my success because without those barriers, I had incredible power. I did some easy exercises that permanently tore down my invisible walls, walls that kept me from reaching my goals.

We do not need someone to cheer us on, we need to know how to permanently remove the conditioning we have that limits us. Cerebrology training is now providing workshops that will quickly, easily and permanently allow us to rewrite the old limiting conditioning we have.

When we feel a passion for our work, we automatically see each step towards our goal as a challenge that we enjoy. We can work the way we play at sports, put our all into what we do and do it without fear. Having the natural ability to enjoy challenges, opens new doors for us.

In earlier blogs I shared some stories about conditioning. In one story they conditioned a rat by playing a sound and then shocking the rat. When the rat heard the sound it “prepared” for a shock even after there were no more shocks. In another story about a rat being conditioned, they turned on a light and then gave the rat a shock, so when the rat saw the light come on it “prepared” for a shock even when they stopped the shocks

As we begin to do something the conditioning we have “prepares” us. Going to the mirror is like the sound or the light for the rat that was conditioned. Our conditioning “prepares” us, what we see is the feeling we have about ourselves.

If we are conditioned to feel unattractive, before we look in the mirror we feel unattractive and we add this value to what we see.If we are conditioned to feel comfortable and beautiful in our body, we feel that before we look at our reflection and we add this feeling about ourselves to the image we see. This conditioning automatically changes how we see ourselves as well as how we appear.

A previous blog had a story about monkeys that got sprayed with cold water when any of the monkeys tried to go towards a ladder that had bananas on top of it. The experimenters took one of the monkeys out that got conditioned this way and replaced it with another monkey. They stopped spraying the monkeys before they put the new monkey in the cage. When the new monkey went towards the ladder the conditioned monkeys conditioned the new monkey not to go to the ladder by stopping him.This monkey became conditioned to stop other monkeys from going towards the ladder in this way.

One by one, each of the monkeys conditioned by water were replaced by a new monkey that was conditioned not to go towards the ladder by the other monkeys. Eventually these monkeys had children and their offspring did not have to be conditioned in this way, they learned from their parents by imitation and understood the feeling their parents had about the ladder.

This is similar to what has happened to all of us in some way, we have been in many ways conditioned to have invisible walls that prevent us from reaching our goals We are automatically “preparing” for obstacles instead of seeing challenges because of this.

Cerebrology trainings use “muscle memory” to rewrite this old conditioning, so we can remove these invisible walls. The fun workshops give us a permanent clarity and strength that allows us to climb up and get what we want.

Want to enjoy being more creative

We can remove what prevents us from being more creative






If we are going to look deep inside and express some universal truth that others will be moved by, we have to be able to let go and open ourselves up.

As we let go of the things that prevent or inhibit us from being authentic, we reveal more of ourselves and open a well from which our creativity can flow.

When we remove what inhibits our creativity, we become playful, open our heart to take risks and whenever we do something from our heart we are more creative. When we open our heart we are also able to fulfill our dreams that have meaning.

Adding something is like writing with ink, the ink and the paper are not one, so the addition is not permanent. When we engrave something it is a permanent change, because this is a change within itself. When we remove what has blocked our heart, we have a change within us that is permanent and who we are is revealed.

What is preventing me from doing things I would love

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Removing the blocks to my opening up to create

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